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ICU Facility

Specialist Hospital Wards are intensive care units (ICUs). These wards offer best and intensive care (treatment and monitoring) facilities for individuals in a critically unwell or unstable condition.
Critical care units or intensive medical care departments are generally called ICUs. A person in an intensive care unit requires constant medical attention and support to keep their body working. They may be unable to breathe on their own or have multiple organ failure. Medical equipments take the place of these functions while the person recovers. Patients is also transferred directly to an medical care unit from a department if required, or from a ward if they quickly deteriorate, or instantly after surgery if the surgery is incredibly invasive and the patient is at high risk of complications.

The professional team at Star Hospital is a busy, dynamic unit caring for the most acutely unwell patients who have been referred to us from across the city. Our staff members have broad experience in managing patients with every kind of acute medical and surgical diseases. Medical care units cater to patients with severe and grievous diseases and injuries that require constant, close observation and support from specialist equipment and medications in order to confirm normal bodily functions. That’s why our unit is staffed by attending physicians who are triple board certified in general medicine, pulmonary drugs and important care. Our professional doctors give 24/7 coverage with assistance from fellows and residents. There are several trained nurses, as well as a clinical nurse specialist. Our hospital’s nurses have received advanced training in vital care nursing, and lots of have received additional degrees and certifications together with as nurse anesthetists and nurse practitioners.

Our specialty areas include :-

  • Major trauma
  • Complicated and effective surgery
  • Advanced heart failure support
  • Complex spinal surgery including scoliosis treatment

There are many common equipment in our ICU includes mechanical ventilators to assist breathing through an end tracheal tube or a tracheotomy tube, cardiac monitors including those with telemetry, suction pumps, external pacemakers, feeding tubes, dialysis equipment for renal problems, equipment for the constant monitoring of bodily functions, a web of intravenous lines, nasogastric tubes, defibrillators, drains, catheters and a wide array of drugs to operate in the primary conditions of hospitalization. Medically induced comas, analgesics and induced sedation are common ICU tools needed to decrease pain and cure secondary infections.


Dedicated to health care, Star hospital is one of the fastest emerging multi-super speciality healthcare hospital in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. It is private owned, autonomous, 24 hour services available, not for profit hospital. Equipped with the high quality medical equipments, Star Hospital offers 24 hour dedicated services to its patients because the first and foremost healthcare verticals of Star Hospital are primarily comprised of cutting edge clinical care to its patients.

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